Saturday, 8 April 2017

Bird News - Saturday 8th April 2017

Lagoon 5 - 2 Garganey (pair)

Lagoon 4 - 1 Lesser Whitethroat

Lagoon 2 - 1 Ruddy Duck this afternoon after not being see since 8th February

Lax Hill - 1 White Stork flew over and drifted around and then drifted off to the west and seemed to head towards the visitor centre. Then it headed towards Lagoon 5 and then didn't reappear for at least an hour later when it was seen circling miles away over near Oakham. Then about 20 minutes later it came from the north over 360 hide. Then it seemed to do a loop and head back towards the north where it came from towards Church Lane and then it flew over towards the sewerage works over the other side of the A606. Then it came back along the Church Land heading south and then landed on Lagoon 4 on the west bank of the lagoon where it remained until 18:30. Thought to be one of the rehabilitated birds roaming the country unfortunately.

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